ہفتہ, مئی 25, 2013

The youth leadership!!!

The question of youth leadership is coming from the day it has been known that PTI is going to make government in KPK. People not only from the opposition parties in KPK like JUI and PMLN but also people from within PTI are asking such questions that 'why not a younger CM in the province?' or 'where is the promise of youth leadership?' etc.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf had promised representation of youth in all forums and it has more than fulfilled it by introducing about 40 percent of its candidates under the age of 40. The winning candidates like Mr Murad Saeed from Sawat for national assembly and Mr Atif Khan who was seen as good candidate for CM seat in KPK by many PTI supporters are couple out of many examples. Many other candidates who could not win the election still grabbed huge amount of votes and will possibly make their place in subsequent parliaments hopefully if the continue their efforts.

But promise of youth representation does not necessarily mean youth leadership in parliaments as well. It is known to everybody that if PTI had won majority in national assembly then Imran Khan would have been nominated as Prime Minister of Pakistan. Imran Khan is not belong to youth and so can be said for Pervez Khattak and so this discussion does not make any sense at all. 

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