اتوار, مئی 26, 2013

PTI's wrong image in Pakistani media!!

I just watched Kashif Abbasi's program 'Off the Record on ARY Television in which he was discussing along with other journalists use of abusive language in social media. The program was overall balanced and although alone Rauf Klasra did support the other side in the discussion.

The unfortunate thing for me was dragging of PTI's name in the discussion as the 'rooh e rawan' of all this mess in social media. I wonder if it is really new that Pakistani people has started abusing their opponents? Don't we remember how in 90s BB, NS and their respective party members used to talk against each other? There are many example to quote here but that's not the point. The point is that social media is no different, it is the same people or say even more people who now have voices and they will show what they are up to.

It has nothing to with PTI as PTI has seriously distanced itself from these rouge supporters. Most of the people abusing in social media donot have their real faces behind it and so they cannot be associated with any party. The argument that most of the abusers support PTI can be used in PTI favor as well that these are the paid or appointed people by other parties. Why would a real supporter go on and on using dirty language and distancing people from his or her supported party? It must be noted here that of course we are talking about general public and PTI social media team or any other PTI officials have never used such language in discussion or otherwise have faced the consequence in the form of disciplinary action against them.

Then the golden argument about leadership that since IK calls in Jalsas 'Ballai se phenti laga dein gai' so it must have a trickle down effect and so IK supporters use the same language. This is extreme as on the other hand SS from PMLN says 'ham Zardari ko sakron per ghasitain gai' but it does not have any effect on his party supporters but 'ballai ki phenti' has those effects. Surprisingly, a generic statement is more abusive in the eyes of our media than a statement against a named personality. This is very strange selection of rating by our media I must say.

And last but not the least, in the program when there was a discussion why MQM is never pointed out for their wrong doings. Two of the anchors said that they couldnot blame someone without any proof. While this is commendable behavior by these anchors, it is equally surprising that why bad behavior of some people in social media with unproven affiliation to PTI is easily associated with PTI?

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