ہفتہ, مارچ 19, 2022

Digital Signage Solution - EasyD!

Digital signage solutions are basic needs of modern businesses that want to communicate right messages to their customers at right time. The solutions available in the markets may cater the need of right communication but it is rare to find a solution that can give fully convenient solution to target the right time as well. Scheduling your communication based on business data may or may not work as it relies heavily on quality of data. 

On the other hand, EasyD is a signage solution that not only provides readymade screens to just quickly use it but also gives their control to your remote devices so you don’t need to hassle around for updating them with new information. It offers screens for example for displaying offers and product listings in a way that you can be ready with it in few minutes. All you need to do is just add product listing information and select one of many background themes provided and you are done.

Similarly, if you want to set a digital notice boards in your organization so that you don’t need to manually go and update each one every time you have new content then EasyD can be used for it. Just configure a notice board screen in EasyD and you are ready to upload images as notice to the screen. It will appear on each screens that you have configured in your organization right away. A great step forward in paperless direction for your organization.

Finally, if you have slides or other digital media like images and videos which you want to display on your screens then that is also a couple of minutes job if you have EasyD account. Just go and select media screen design and then upload your digital media. That is it and your screen is ready to appear on the chosen display.

These and many other simple features are available which will give your business a pleasant boost so don’t hold up. Try it here now.

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