جمعرات, ستمبر 01, 2022

EasyD Salat Panel!

This is an era of digitalization and organizations throughout the globe are adopting digital means in every aspect of their management. Mosques are also no exception and they are quickly following a similar approach. Prayer clocks are a vital part of a mosque which show quick information about times of upcoming and other prayers in the mosque.  

EasyD Digital Signage includes a digital salat panel solution as well which takes care of this need of the mosque elegantly. It offers full technical solutions that include both display and software parts and provides all the necessary features that a prayer clock might need.

In addition to that, it has very nice designs that can be used with different color schemes selection. It is a need of every mosque and must be tried as its simple use dictates quick adoption.

Its nice yet very simple editor makes it easy to set up a prayer clock for everyone even with no technical skills at all. 

Here are some of its designs that are readily available. 

These with many different color schemes are already available in the package and its keep coming as well.

And most important of all, it is completely FREE :)  

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