اتوار, اگست 25, 2013

PTI - Lessons to learn from bye election

It is not sustainable idea to have multiple rules for choosing candidates. One rule of merit must be set which should be exercised across the board. Popularity, devotion, enthusiasm, experience and time with party are some of the factors define merit for candidates but it must be clear that what has the higher priority than others. For example, we cannot give higher priority to popularity in one constituency while experience in another.

The prevailing norm of halqa based election is finding electables but this does not fit to PTI long term policy. While it can be acceptable due to tough starting position of the party, it must be strategically fought and the brand of PTI to be made more sell-able. A lot to learn from MQM in this regard.

There must be a channel of internal communication so that party workers donot need to turn to media to get internal news of the party. If we party members have such channel and start believing that anything said on that channel will never be contradicted (will only be truth in other words) then it will not only increase dedication among us but would also serve as mechanism to raise our voices. Specially, the voices of dissent within the party must be shared through that so that we know what were the arguments in favor or against of anything. Currently, we hear this from media but no trusted channel exist. Insaf.pk is so called such place but apparently there is no sincere work on internal communication on that channel and it is just used as feed for media.

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