پیر, جولائی 17, 2006

Pakistani concert in Beijing

This video has been removed from Google Video due to KZ and Asads ZID.

There was a festival going on in Feng Dan Lishe while my stay in Beijing. One such evening, I went there with Asad and KZ joined us there too. And then KZ hit upon an idea ..
well, it was a challenge to sing in front of that Chinese gathering. I agreed but problem was I didnt know any complete song that could be sung. I dont remember how it was planned but one thing is sure ke Asad just didnt open his mouth and KZ was .. :-L (listen his comments)

an interesting thing was that, at the end of the song a chinese couple came with their young daughter and asked me to teach Pakistani song to her. :)

below is the comment from saber:
Aijaz and Asad along with KZ decided to give the innocent chinese public a taste of REAL Pakistani music :)

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