ہفتہ, اپریل 20, 2013

Its been a while .. assalamoalaikum,

I was not quite in touch with my space due to mainly non productive period when I just go on and on doing nothing. Sad, that is.

But now I am back and back with a purpose :) Here are the last few days before the Election 2013 and Pakistan must see a  transform in its system and politics through ballots. This time, it is the most critical election we are going to witness due to the hard time Pakistanis have seen in last few years. Pakistan has brought down from a stable run (though corrupt govts and leaking economy) to the disastrous situation like this that we are in a full war for no good reason and a collapsed economy that cannot survive on its own.

But equally important, the hope of change due to presence of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf is so big and so strong that it gives the real courage to stand in front of all challenges. The people of Pakistan and specially youth are now all up and standing in solidarity with Imran Khan. Imran Khan is a ray of hope for the poor, for the oppressed and for those who have just witnessed the loot and corruption of the past governments but could not do anything against it. Now they have a man and his team who can speak their hearts and feel their pain exactly as they do.

There is no short cut to  passage of success and it is never achieved without sacrificing. We, the people know this and we are committed to sacrifice ourselves in the struggle. We are not someone who can be bought by building a bus line or distributing laptops or even by distributing petty cash. We want the change that will throw plague of corruption away, the change that will take us out of someone else's war and that will liberate us from fighting with our own brothers. We will achieve this by our resolve sooner, or later, Insha-Allah.

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