اتوار, اکتوبر 30, 2005

Thank you!

My love...

I am a different person,
A better person
since we first met

your honesty helped me
to see my weaknesses,
and your support helped me
to turn them into strengths.

Thank you,
Thank you for being my real, true friend
for not saying the things
you thought I wanted to hear,
but for saying the things
I needed to know.

You're one of the few people
I trusted when you told me
that I've done well,
because you are one of the few
who will tell me
when I could do better.

You challenged me
to be the best I could be...
by accepting and appreciating me,
you helped me
learn to accept
and appreciate myself.

Thank you for being my teacher!

I was helpless, you supported me
I was restless, you comforted me
I was ignorant, you acknowledged me

Thank you…

And now, I know, you're not with me,

But know what, you're still in me

Thank you for being my 'every thing'

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