بدھ, اگست 15, 2007


This article was written on 15th August 2007.

It is so painful to read all this,
I caught a thief

I read it yesterday and by now the grief has only been increased.

A poor afghan child who has to collect things from garbage for his livelihood and probably earns less than or a bit more than a dollar per day, was caught by a superwoman when he tried to increase his daily allowance with a couple of dollars more. Yes, the mobiles and other stuff that are stolen can only be sold to special groups who give a really poor money in return, say 2 to 5 hundred rupees.

Our educated and elite class who have access to disposable pepsies drink and throw the can away, they eat imported candies/chocolates and decorate the city roads with its colorful wrappers. And there are these children who collect these bottles and wrappers so that they can sell it at the end of the day and will get something to eat. Fortunately, sometimes they get something to eat directly from those cans and wrappers also.

When the child was caught the superwoman slapped him a few times and then checked his bag to find her stuff. Her own words,

".. The moment I came close to him I slapped him as hard as I could with all the strength I had in me and after two three slaps I searched his garbage back and find my bag in there..."

"While driving I felt a great pain in my right hand and realized it's the result of beating that kid."

I am too bitter to write anything so I shall just discuss some comments here that were submitted at the blog post,

a lady said, sharia asks for cutting hand but superwoman just slapped him [I wish lady knows what she is talking about]
a person said, slapping him would keep him away from stealing [as if his parents are agreed to teach him in school by slapping him, I am afraid hes an hypocrite]
A foreign name said, just few slaps and so it wasnt a brutal beating [I wish he tries it in WEST sometime, specially with a kid]

This metro blogger group can be easily called also an elite group of bloggers at any particular city. I dont know who is the moderator of the website but I would request him/her to check if the lady is mentally stable to perform such job? She is responsible with her act of promoting 'taking law at hand' and then making fun of it. She is responsible of spreading hatred toward a certain community in our society.

She has finally comeback to regret the event after some time but does not look at all to be in favor of taking it in dignified manner.

I hate that jerk who was present at the spot and after handing the child to the superwoman was watching it for fun.

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